Uncommon Expert

I Believe Your Time Should Not Be Wasted on IT

These days most people are aware of how IT works (or should work) and can resolve most issues themselves.

BUT, this takes time that could be far more productive getting on with business. 

I offer the same convenience as taking your car to a garage – yes, you may well know how to do it, but (unless it’s a hobby) it’s much more convenient to get someone else to do it while you get on with something that matters more.

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Let Me Work On Your IT While You Get On With Business

Web Sites

Creating, managing, curating your site(s).

IT Support

Managing your IT so you don't need a dedicated employee


Any IT related issues can be addressed on an ad-hoc basis

You can either ‘pay as you go’ or pay a retainer for priority service including the first hour free.

Ongoing service management can be set up on a rolling monthly arrangement.

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