Uncommon Expert

Price Guide

Basic Charge

The basic charge is £36 per hour of offsite working, this is normally taken in allocations of fifteen minutes.


The hours can be purchased in monthly bundles and the fee can reduce depending on the number of hours opted for – these are only valid for the month purchased and do not ‘roll over’.

Fixed Bundle:

You can also purchase a fixed number of hours that are valid for up to a calendar year from date of purchase and are not limited to a single month.


Both Monthly and Fixed Bundles can be traded for onsite hours – where two offsite hours can be exchanged for one hour onsite. Depending on distance – travel costs will be agreed in advance or charged in fifteen minute increments for travel time.

Startups & Websites:

Realising the difficulty of starting a new business can lead to settling for ‘second best’ – which is not your intention, please get in touch and we can work out a deal where you will have the initial costs reduced so you can be up and running with a better site.

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