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Leave Me To Worry About Your Site

What Can I Offer?

I have worked with various forms of web development, these days I concentrate on WordPress based sites, but am not limited to this.

For a new site:

  • A PC and Mobile friendly website
  • Fast loading & compatible with all common browsers.
  • Search Engine Friendly design.
  • Secured to minimise security risks.
  • Advice on Website Backups and Restoring.

Using premium add-ons I provide as part of the package, plus free add-ons for any specific needs will keep the budget as low as possible for the initial site, if you want to expand the capabilities of the free add-ons then the premium versions of the add-ons can be purchased.

For an existing site:

I will review this in line with the above and make suggestions on what can be done in a practical and pragmatic way.

support and maintenance:

There are many ongoing support and maintenance options, I can discuss the best options with you and either provide you a managed service that fits your needs, or advise on alternatives.

What is an Internet Presence?

Basic Checklist for getting a web site online:

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